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Top 50 Power MEP companies

Royal Advance LLC, the electromechanical contracting arm of National Projects & Construction, is forecasting a turnover in the region of $270m (AED 1bn) this year. This represents a $67m ($246m) increase on last year’s figure, but managing director Eng. Hamad Alamri is confident they can hit the target.

He said: “The building construction industry as well as infrastructure is constantly growing in UAE and globally. NPC-MEP was established in 2004 to address this demand and is becoming one of the lead companies that is well recognised in the industry.”

With a workforce made up of 300 admin staff and engineers, 3,700 skilled labourers and 1,300 unskilled labourers, NPC-MEP says it currently has $476.4m worth of work in hand.

Ongoing major projects include a 5,000 villa project in Al Ain worth over $300m (AED 1.1bn); Hydra Avenue 3 Towers valued at $35m (AED 129m); and Marina development for Bloom Properties, also a $35m contract.

Link: http://www.constructionweekonline.com/article-29866-top-50-mep-contractors-and-consultants--31-40/10/



NPC growth was fueled by mega ongoing projects and we continue to see growth in aspiring markets.

Concluded the year 2019 with a record turnover and expects more growth in 2020.

NPC is headquartered in Abu Dhabi, U.A.E with a dedicated multinational workforce.

NPC use a range of modern, high quality machinery to produce the best possible results.

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