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Trojan Holding IT Department has won CNME 100 CIO prestigious award for 2017 being qualified among the great players in the Middle East region. Mr. Rahul M S, IT Manager has received this award in a glamorous ceremony at the Ritz Carlton Hotel, Dubai. Trojan Management congratulates the whole IT team for their achievements in the organization.

CNME 100 CIO AWARDS UAE, an accolade claimed by the prominent players of IT industry honoring the many innovative ways that IT delivers competitive advantage or accelerates business success in the enterprise. Organizations need the edge that information technology provides to move ahead and the high-performance IT Organizations that win CIO 100 awards help their enterprises generate higher revenues, build better business processes and foster greater collaboration with Customers.

URL: http://www.cnmeonline.com/news/cnme-cio-100-awards-honours-top-cios-from-the-region/




NPC growth was fueled by mega ongoing projects and we continue to see growth in aspiring markets.

Concluded the year 2019 with a record turnover and expects more growth in 2020.

NPC is headquartered in Abu Dhabi, U.A.E with a dedicated multinational workforce.

NPC use a range of modern, high quality machinery to produce the best possible results.

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