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Inauguration of Masjid Rehman


We are greatly pleased to announce the inauguration of Masjid Rehman at Phoenix Factory. On behalf of the Phoenix management, we would like to express our heartfelt gratitude and appreciation to Allah who has granted us this great oppor tunity; which has allowed us to gather during the celebrations and witness the effort and achievement that can only be described as a ‘dream come true.’”Trojan Holding would also like to thank the esteemed hosts of the celebrations: Eng. Ali Al Shemmri and Eng. Dha r M Sadik, as well as making special mention to the below attendees for joining us for the celebrations:


1. Mr.EmadAlJanabi - HR&Admin Manager – M/s Trojan Holding.
2. Mr.Yousef H Kamel - CFO - M/s Trojan Holding. 

3. Mr.MohammedMahdi–Operation Manager – M/s Trojan Holding. 

4. Eng.NehadSaad–Commercial Manager – M/s Trojan Holding. 

5. Eng. Samir Koblawi – General Manager – M/s Hitech. 

6. Mr.ZiadAbdallah–Business Development Manager – M/s Trojan Holding. 

7. Eng. Mohammad Badran – Projects Director – M/s Trojan Holding. 

8. Eng. Sherif Ibrahim Rashad Elsaid – Projects Manager – M/s Trojan Holding. 

9. Eng. Zaher Channaa – Projects Manager – M/s Trojan Holding. 

10. Eng. Eissa Awad Alla – Sr. Projects Manager – M/s Trojan Holding. 

11. Dr. Ridwan Ashraf - Managing Director – M/s Kedas General Trading 

12. Mr. Mohammad Akram – Managing Director – M/s Modec Building Material 



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