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100 Trojan Young Engineers

The 100TrojanYoung Engineers initiative invited UAE students from across the country to our sites in Abu Dhabi and Dubai to experience rst-hand day-to-day activities and gain an insight into working life by experiencing both management and construction site roles.

The program spearheaded Trojan’s bid to nurture a new generation of engineering leaders, offering them the rst- hand, practical experience that will allow them to contribution to the UAE’s construction sector. Participating sites included: Tamouh Investments’ Horizon Towers on Reem Island, Abu Dhabi; Lu’luat Al Raha in Al Raha Beach, Abu Dhabi; and Emaar’s Mira Oasis 2 site in Al Qudra, Dubai. The visits provided the students with real life engineering experience that exposed them to the practical learnings of the theory taught in class.

Speaking about the initiative, Eng. Al Ameri said: “We were glad to see the level of enthusiasm, competency and commitment from all the students who attended various days of the 100 Trojan Young Engineers initiative, and were pleasantly surprised by the level of their performance and engagement in the program.”

Management would like to thank all those who mentored the students throughout the program; it is in no doubt that your effort added greatly to the success of the initiative.




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