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Dr. Yasser Farewell

It’s not every week we have to say goodbye to someone who meant so much to our organisation. On January 7th we said fond farewells to the inimitable character of Dr. Yasser -Technical Manager of Al Ajban Chicken and colleague of Trojan Holding for the past 11 years.

In an event that took place at the Trojan Holding Head Office, Dr. Yasser was greeted by guests, including esteemed colleagues and upper management: Eng. Hamad, Mr. Emad Al Janabi, Eng. Nihal Saad, Dr. Mohammed Eagamy, and Mr. Mansoor – who enjoyed cake and shared fond memories with Dr. Yasser.

Talking of Dr. Yasser’s tenure and contributions to Al Ajban, friends and colleagues shared the following:

“I pray God blesses him and keeps him in good health. Dr. Yasser proudly founded what is now considered to be one of the biggest poultry projects in the country. All due to his unrelenting hard work perseverance & dedication worth over 10 years.” - Eng. Hamad

“It’s difficult to describe the profound impact Dr. Yasser has made. And it is even harder for us today to bid him farewell.” - Eng. Nihad

“I can honestly say that Dr. Yasser is the person I have learnt from the most in my career. Not just technical skills but learning what it means to have true work ethic & the ability to manage a crisis. And I‘m still learning from him to this day.” - Dr. Mohammed



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