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Infrastructure Division

services02At NPC, we provide a wide range of services that span the width of the industry. In order to make our services and expertise more accessible to existing and potential clients and to ensure efficiency, we streamline our work into five main divisions:

The latest trend of urban development projects promotes sovereign integrated master plans of luxury building structures articulately placed within a convergence of ornamental landscape scenes, with the most reliable infrastructure utilities and transport solutions endowing the aesthetic contrast in this portrait.

To cater for this significant market shift, NPC launched in 2007 the Infrastructure Division to construct the full spectrum and magnitude of infrastructure utilities, roads and bridges. The Division continuously strives towards higher levels of client satisfaction by ensuring optimum levels of achievement on the important success criteria of quality of end-products, time and cost, while simultaneously ensuring the highest levels of health and safety and careful consideration for the environment.

• Roads, bridges and tunnel work
• Storm water and sewage networks (gravity and pumping mains with associated pump stations)
• Potable water distribution networks
• Civil works for district cooling
• Gas distribution networks
• Electrical works for HV, LV, Street lighting and Substations
• Telecommunication network systems
• Traffic Control and CCTV systems
• Irrigation reservoirs, pump stations and distribution pipe systems
• Landscaping



The iconic developments in NPC's current project portfolio are the Rawdhat Abu Dhabi, Marina Square, Danet Abu Dhabi, The Nation Towers and the recently handed-over Danet Holiday Inn Hotel in Abu Dhabi

NPC is an ISO 9001:2000-registered company, and considers working towards a greener environment a necessity for maintaining a sustainable ecology and sound environment

NPC won major construction contracts from prestigious property developers like Tamouh, Sorouh, International Capital Trading, Al Qudra, Reem Properties, Royal Group, and Hydra Properties

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