CEO message

We are living in the most exciting times in the history of construction, and we are blessed as a company to have been born in the most exciting and visionary country in the world.

With the energy and will to build bigger and better, there has to be excitement to match that vision. NPC has been up for the challenge, and today, more than ever, our excitement and ambitions are unsurpassed.

With an ever-growing portfolio that is in steady growth, we aim to enrich it more with the most significant projects locally while keeping a global outlook.

In line with the UAE’s vision of development, our own company, a proud UAE-born entity, is ensuring that our mission is aligned with the country’s. Since our founding in 2003, our goal to provide top-of-the-line contracting services and truly become a trusted and chosen partner to the top developers in the UAE has been achieved, with us yearning for more.

The dreams that we had have been bigger than our imagination, and as is the motto of the Trojan Construction Group, of which we are a part, “Building Dreams” is what we seek to do.

Dreams are not achieved by remaining stagnant, and through our relentless search for the best and better, we have made ours come true by becoming a strategic partner to leading international companies, which has enabled us to advance our mutual knowledge and transform into a powerhouse, bringing to life communities, landmark projects, and infrastructure.

Our stellar reputation, mindfulness of budget, and timely deliveries have made NPC the company of choice for our partners, and we seek to continue our journey along that path. With an ode to the core values that we share with the UAE, our focus will remain to deliver high standards for quality and safety while remaining aware of our environmental impact, all the while investing in the human capital that is our people, along with the expertise, knowledge, and character that they bring on board.

Let us continue to lay the path towards the future – a bright one, surely.